State of the art Investing

Fractional investing in fine art means dividing ownership of an artwork into bite-sized, more affordable investment amounts, enabling multiple investors to collectively own the asset. This in turns opens up new ownership opportunities for a broad range of investors who may not have the financial resources to purchase entire artworks themselves.

Accessibility: Fractionalizing ownership makes investing in fine art more accessible to a wide range of investors by reducing key barriers to entry, such as financial wherewithal and asset storage.

Diversification: Fractional ownership empowers investors to diversify their portfolios with alternative assets like fine art, potentially reducing overall portfolio risk.

Administration: aShareX handles the legal and administrative aspects of fractional ownership, making it easy for investors to access fine art and similar asset types.

Investment: Like traditional art investment, which is historically the domain of the ultra-wealthy, fractional ownership offers the potential for capital appreciation if the value of the artwork increases overtime.

Art Market Dynamics: The value of art can be subjective and influenced by various factors such as artist reputation, market trends, and macroeconomic conditions. aShareX offers investors valuable research, market insights, and due diligence on the artists and artworks sold through our platform.

Art Market Overview

The size and state of the art market can vary depending uponvarious factors such as macroeconomic conditions, market trends, and theavailability of significant artworks for sale. In the past 5 years, the globalfine art market has transaction values of $60-70 billion annually.

Large, Mature Market: $1.7 trillion in value(Deloitte & ArtTactic)

Consistent Global Demand: $68 billion in annual sales(Art Basel & UBS)

Strong Historical Returns: 8.5% annual returns from1950 to 2021 (Sotheby’s Mei-Moses Index)

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