A Unique Auction - Thursday, May 2nd - Contemporary Artists Series 1

Single lot of 8 artworks by 6 artists- own your share!

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How It Works

How to Invest in Alternative Assets with aShareX: Essential Insights

Fractional Ownership
Fractional Ownership

Bid for the amount you want to invest, up to the valuation of your choice

Fractional bids are aggregated in real-time until they reach the auctioneer's asking price

Winning fractional bidders receive registered securities in proportion to their ownership of the asset from an SEC-qualified offering

We insure, maintain, and store the asset at a secured, fire-suppressed, climate-controlled professional storage facility or museum

Vote when to sell the asset, and buy and sell shares via our secondary market (coming 2024)

100% Ownership

Bid the amount you choose, just like a traditional auction

A winning 100% bidder takes outright possession of the asset, with no securities issued

100% Ownership
Your aShareX Ownership Journey
Your aShareX Fractional Ownership Journey - Process Flow

Experience Test Drive an AuctionTM

Practice your bidding strategy, risk-free

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