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Investing in collectible cars has long captivated enthusiasts and investors alike, offering a unique blend of passion and profit potential. Beyond being cherished icons of automotive history, collectible cars(whether modern, classic or vintage) are tangible assets that can dramatically appreciate in value over time. However, the upper echelons of the collectible car market have only been available to the select few. Fractional ownership opens new doors for a broader range of investors to may not have the resources to purchase these amazing pieces of automotive history outright.

Accessibility: Fractional ownership makes investing in collectible cars accessible to a wider range of enthusiasts and investors by reducing barriers to entry.

Diversification: Fractional investors can diversify their portfolios with collectible cars, potentially reducing overall portfolio risk.

Inflation Hedge: Like other tangible assets, collectible cars can serve as inflation hedges, potentially preserving purchasing power over time.

Administration: aShareX handles the legal, administrative and storage aspects of ownership, eliminating barriers for investors.

Expertise: Successful investment in collectible cars requires deep market understanding, including knowledge of specific models, their histories, and their potential for appreciation. aShareX’s detailed review of consignments by category experts helps reduce the risk of these investments.

Classic & Vintage Cars Market Overview

The market for collectible cars has seen significant growth in recent years, with certain segments also experiencing rapid value appreciation. Classic and vintage cars in particular harken back to a different time. Whether it’s the vehicle’s style or the memories it elicits, collectible cars often provide a sense of nostalgia or effectuates a connection with other automotive enthusiasts who share passion for these works of mechanical art.

Growing Global Market: Expected to grow from $31billion in 2020 to $43 billion in 2024 (Statista)

Strong Potential Returns: Outperformed the S&P500 with 280% returns from 2008 to 2021 (Knight Frank Wealth Report 2022)

Finite Resource: Limited supply with increasing demand (Hagerty)

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