A Unique Auction - Thursday, May 2nd - Contemporary Artists Series 1

Single lot of 8 artworks by 6 artists - own your share!

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Our Philosophy: Empower Investors

Solving the flaws of traditional alternative assets – True market prices, You control your exit.
Finally, you don’t need millions to own a Picasso, 40-carat blue diamond, 1960s Ferrari or Mickey Mantle rookie card!

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Why Invest in Alternative Assets

Alternatives can offer attractive portfolio benefits compared with traditional equities and bonds

Portfolio Diversification

Low correlation to equities and bonds

Store of Durable Value

Can maintain value over time

Inflation Hedge

Low correlation to interest rates

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Fine Art

State-of-the-art investing

Large and Mature Market
$1.7 trillion in value
(Source: Deloitte & ArtTactic)

Consistent Global Demand
$68+ billion in annual sales
(Source: Art Basel & UBS)

Strong Historical Returns
8.5% annual returns from 1950 to 2021
(Source: Sotheby’s Mei-Moses Index)

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Diamonds and Precious Gems Fractional Investments

Diamonds &
Precious Gems

Invest with brilliance

Sizeable Global Market
$340 billion in annual sales
(Source: Grand View Research)

Clear Return Potential
Diamond prices increased 5% annually since 2002
(Source: World Diamond Council)

Rarity Breeds Desirability
Some rare fancy colored diamonds have appreciated 10+% annually since 2013
(Source: Fancy Color Research Foundation)


Put your portfolio in the 
driver’s seat

Strong Returns
Outperformed the S&P with 280% returns from 2008 to 2021
(Source; Knight Frank Wealth Report 2022)

Growing Global Market
Expected to grow from $31 billion in 2020 to $43 billion in 2024
(Source: Statista)

Finite Resource
Limited supply with increasing demand
(Source: Hagerty)

Fractional Ownership for high value cars automobiles
Fractional and full bidding for high value collectables


Invest like an MVP

Expanding Market
Expected to grow from $35 billion in 2023 to $227 billion by 2032
(Source: Market Decipher)

Outperformed S&P 500 since 2020
PWCC 500 Index has increased by 434% since 2020
(Source: PWCC Marketplace)

Popular Among Youths
43% of eBay sports card buyers below age 30
(Source: eBay)

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Featured Auction

Contemporary Artists Series 1

Thursday, May 2nd, 5.00pm PST

Contemporary Artists Series 1

Value Estimate: $120,000-$160,000
Portfolio of 8 artworks by 6 artists
Fractional bids from just $500

Award-Winning Artists:
Imo Nse Imeh
Jennifer & Kevin McCoy
Wilfred Ukpong
Maria Gaspar
Servane Mary
Emerald Rose Whipple