FAQ for fractional bidding and other alternative investment queries
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Frequently Asked Questions

My fractional bid won. When will I receive my shares?

As a winning fractional bidder, you will need to submit payment (ACH, check or wire transfer) and sign the paperwork we will send you via DocuSign.

It typically takes 2-8 weeks for the offering to close, at which point we will notify you that your shares have been issued.

What are the risks of investing in fine art?

Like many speculative assets, the value of fine art can be affected by market factors including supply and demand. Art is also inherently subjective, and as such the demand for a particular artist, style, or genre may fluctuate with trends or opinions. However, blue-chip art, no matter the characterization, generally remains in high demand due to established quality and increasing exclusivity over time. Please review our Offering Circulars for additional information.

What are the risks of investing in diamonds, gems or jewelry?

The value of luxury goods such as diamonds, gems or jewelry can be affected by a number of factors. Such factors may include, but are not limited to: any harm to the reputation of the manufacturers related to the luxury goods; change in consumer tastes, resulting in a decrease in demand; any downturn in the luxury goods industry as a whole. However, high-quality gems are scarce resources, so their limited supply combined with any increases to demand can positively impact prices. Please review our Offering Circulars for additional information.

When will I receive payments or distributions?

Fractional shareholders can expect to receive payment once the asset in which they have invested is sold. We do not expect to pay any dividends during the asset holding period.

Will I receive any monthly statements or end-of-year tax documents?

We will provide you with end-of-year tax documents. We will send you email notifications so that you can download your documents directly from your aShareX account.

Are there special considerations if I own 10% or more of the shares in an individual Series?

There may be public disclosure and trading implications of owning 10% or more of the shares in an individual Series.

If you hold 10% or more of the shares issued by aShareX Fine Art, LLC (the “Company” or the aggregation of all the Series), there may be adverse tax consequences. See full details here.

What is a "Series" and Delaware Series LLC?

A Delaware Series LLC (the “Company”) is a type of limited liability company (“LLC”) that allows for the creation of individual “Series” (or “mini-LLCs”) within the overall framework of a single LLC. Each Series operates like a separate entity, with its own shareholders and asset. The Series is the entity that indirectly owns the asset and the entity in which Investors invest. Each new asset offered for auction will be filed with the SEC under its own Series designation.

The key feature of a Delaware Series LLC is the ability to separate assets into separate Series and insulate each Series from the debts and liabilities of the Series LLC generally and all other Series of the Series LLC. This means that the debts, liabilities, obligations, and expenses incurred by a particular Series are enforceable against the assets of that Series only, and not against the assets of the LLC generally or any other Series.  The Delaware Series LLC is not expected to have significant, standalone assets or liabilities.

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